My First Liebster Award 2018 Nomination.

What an honor and a great opportunity. And also a great way to start the year. Honestly I am extremely honored and thankful to for this nomination. Y’all should visit her blog. Her writing is simply amazing.

Getting back to the questions I got asked;

1.What drew you towards the art of writing?

I must say writing has always my source of serenity. It is my way of expression and brings so much solace to me. I did a post on an introverted soul and I said that for introverts one of the best ways they express themselves is by writing. So yes, what drew me to writing is the idea of expressing myself, my thoughts and sharing them to the world.

Another major thing that drew me to writing was the zeal to spread God’s love to the world.

2. What is the one thing you like about yourself and why?

I love my self-esteem. I went through a rough phase of my life where I totally hated my self, I hated everything I did and always thought I was not enough. The journey to build it has been tough and I am grateful to God that I love myself now. I have found my identity in Christ . My self esteem has made relate with people who have no confidence at all and with what I went through I can confidently speak up to those who despise themselves and encourage them.

3.What is the one change you want to see in the world?

Love. If only we could love each other regardless of religion, race or status. God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish and have eternal life. (John 3:16) There is so much hatred in the world and honestly it should change. 1st Corinthians 13:3 says that if I give all I posses to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. So yeah, let us love each other and let the love speak in our actions.

4.Who is your favorite author and why?

I don’t think I can pick one since every author does magnificent work. However, I am inclined to writings by Ngungi wa Thiongo and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Their works are simply authentic and amazing. In her book Purple Hibiscus, a whole new perspective of life and religion was introduced to me. I’m still reading it and I find it intriguing.

5.How do you define a good piece of writing

One that is authentic and express the mind of the author fully.

6. “Writers are hungry for readers”. What’s your take on this.

I started writing in primary school in my 8th class and I remember I gave my writing to a friend of mine and her words were so encouraging even though I had misspelled some words.She felt moved by what i had written. Writers, if I may say are not hungry for readers. What we long for is our writing to impact somebody positively. Even if only one person would read my writing but get encouraged by it, I would honestly be glad.

7.How do you deal with writer’s block?

Well, if anyone has ever been affected by this is certainly me. I remember one time I sat looking at the monitor of my computer with the zeal to write but nothing to write. In such situations i just start rambling words on paper till i get to what i want to write. Sometimes its hard and one ends up writing of the situation itself, writers block. That still is creative. A writer never loses their inspiration and when it feels like its lost, one shouldn’t give up. Write what’s in your mind for it relays the expression of that situation.

8. Do you think good writers are born or made and why?

I think good writers are made. What we end up doing in life is a clear reflection of what our experiences have been and what we have been through. Writing is practice. The skill isn’t always there and as you grow in develops.

9.Do you think the pen is mightier that a sword, why?

It certainly is mightier that the sword. Edward Bulwer was certainly correct in stating this metonymy. The pen gives you a platform of expression that nothing can. It is one of the best ways of communication. The pen gives you a chance to bleed your veins on paper and create an imaginative world no one has ever seen.The sword on the other hand is unfounded sometimes impulsive. It no way of communication or expression.

10. How would you describe either your blog or articles in a few words?

A platform to share God’s love.

For the next part of the award. I’ll be nominating 5 more bloggers. For those who will be nominated next, the rules are as follows:

  • Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog. Include award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 5-10 recently followed bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.

My questions for you are:

1. What drew you to writing and why choose writing and not anything else?

2.As a writer, what brings you satisfaction. It is the work you have written, the amount of readers or the impact your work brings to people who read your work?

3.What is the one thing that you think writers should change to improve their work and why?

4. Who is your favorite author and why?

5. What is your favorite book and why?

6. Do you think modern-day literature is rich in its words or has it been swayed by the fast-moving world?

7. Do you think the pen is mightier that the sword? Why?

8. How do you deal with writer’s block?

9. What is the most difficult challenge you have faced as a writer and how do you go about it?

10. How would you describe either your blog or articles/pieces in a few words?

I therefore nominate the following for the Liebster award,



Nobody could stop her. She paced down the hallway throwing all caution to the wind. We all looked at her in awe. How can it be that yesterday you walked in a lake of fire, through the claws of a lion and yet have the courage to still act like all is well.

“Hi Waswa, ” she said as she got close to me. I smiled back not knowing whether to comfort her or exchange pleasantries as we used to.  I wanted  her to move away but she stood waiting for my reply.

(Act normal Waswa, you can do this) “Hi dear, it’s such a sunny morning,” i said. I didn’t want to elongate the conversation but i didn’t know how to end it.

“Oh Yes it is. The Lord is faithful to have sustained us through the night. I hope you’re well” And with that Deborah walked away still smiling. I was left thinking how i personally handle pain, sorrow, grief or just any misfortune.

You see life can sometimes throw curve balls on our way. They are never expected. One day you wake up and something you cherished the most isn’t there. One day you wake up and something you had high expectations on lets you down.

I was amazed at how joyful Deborah was yet she had lost almost everything she cherished. In fact the way she glorified God in that situation took me by surprise . In all realness y’all, it is quite hard,in fact almost impossible to praise through a storm. What happens mostly is questioning of why me? Why God would you do this? Any yes that is the most painful phase because even in the midst of all these questions we lack answers. Those are the times that the devil floods our thoughts with lies that we end up believing.

Often i asked these questions once anything hard hit my way.Then i learned the power of praise.Nothing can surpass the joy of the Lord in your life. Job had lost everything and still even when his wife told him to denounce God and die, he still held on. (Job 2:9). Habakkuk the prophet records that ‘Though the fig-tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crops fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the sheep hold and no cattle in the stalls, yet i will rejoice in the Lord, i will be joyful in God my Savior, (Habakkuk 3:17-18)


One of my favorite verses is  Philippians 4:6, ‘Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace that surpasses all human understanding,will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.’ Will you look at that?The peace that no human being can understand will guard your heart just because you submitted everything in prayer and thanksgiving, which of course praise.

The psalmist records in the chapter 23 that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, for the Lord is with us. He has never left us, he will never leave us and He is not planning to leave us.

Finding joy in the Lord even in pain is mind blowing. It is peaceful. It is satisfying. It is just unexplainable. Is it an incurable disease you are battling? PRAISE HIM. Is it lack of employment? PRAISE HIM.Is it school fees?PRAISE HIM. This may sound unrealistic but try and see. The power of praise. He always has good plans for us so praise him in that situation. Praise Him in the storm and when its calm.

Then you will find contentment and peace.


Shy! Weird! Antisocial!

Well, those are among the few things I am associated with. One time a friend of mine told me, ‘Smile, you are too serious’. Another one said, ‘Why are you always in your thoughts. You never pay attention to the outside world”. Well that is true. I am always preoccupied with my own thoughts and feelings. I analyze each and every thing I spot. You see, I’m an introvert. I have the INTJ personality. I display my strength with what i think. I have low levels of stimulation since i’d rather listen that talk. I listen to my thoughts. When I listen to you I analyze every detail. 

Living with my personality has been a challenge especially because we live in a society where its about external monologue. For me everything is noisy. The world is noisy. I am drawn back by that. I have had countless times where I fake a phone call just not to be part of the crowd. I never walk without earphones and if a do I feel naked. They help me display the ‘do not disturb’ sign. Don’t get me wrong, I am social. Infact I am very friendly. But I can not initiate small talk. Small talk is energy draining. Infact I dread that the most. Is it because I’m shy? No. Infact I am not timid at all. I speak publicly and I have addressed quite a number of crowds. The misconception is that I am shy.

Introversion craves for deep connections. I personally keep a group of friends that are dear. I shut out the world except for my family and friends. Those I open up to are the closest. On a good day,i make up to 2 acquaintances, not friends. I have shut out quite a number of people in my life not because i hate them but because I need someone who understands my personality. All my friends are extroverts. Weird, right. They understand me. When I’m with them you may think I am an extrovert because I am free with them. They get my personality.

I am not a good listener. Infact, I am the worst. I analyze every word you say and connect it to another and another that was said maybe three years ago and then get lost in thoughts.In 2012, scientists Randy Buckner of Harvard University discovered that introverts have a larger grey matter in their brain therefore ponder things thoroughly. Sometimes this works for me sometimes it doesn’t.

I love social gatherings but I dont like attending them. I hate parties.  If iattended one i’d end up leaving. In her book ‘ Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking, Susan Cain says that introverts may have a strong social skills and enjoys parties but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas. 

They devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues and family.

I have a lot of inner monologue. I have a whole world inside my head. I’ve had endless conversations with my self and I find that comforting. Sometimes I may have a monologue on something and find it difficult to communicate it to the world. The most surprising thing is that with my inner monologue even when I can’t communicate directly to one person, I speak excellently in a crowdcrowd especially when i am giving a speech. 

I work best when I’m alone. I love group discussions but they drain my energy. Working alone makes me recharge.

Some people find me intimidating. Others have labelled me shy. Many thought I was a poor public speaker until I surprised them. Others assume that I just need to be left alone, which is true but not always true. As I said an introspective person craves for a deep connection. I’ve been told that I overanalyze everything. Yes, I analyze everything but not overanalyze. I am not high strung. I see a possibility in everything. 

I’m I happy? YES!

The world needs both of us. The introverted and the extroverted. We may be silent but are still valuable. Even Albert Einstein was an introvert. Infact I’m in law school, a career path associated with extroverted traits but I still know my personality is needed there. 

So maybe, being an introvert isn’t bad. 

How He Loves us!

Christmas season is here..The best season of all times. When I think about Christmas I think about love, joy and food.😂😂 

So what really is Christmas? Some say it’s Jesus’s birthday. Others just celebrate because everyone’s celebrating. Here in Kenya it’s the season where people travel to their martnernal or partnernal homes, others just say home and get the cosy feeling of family. I remember when I was a kid Christmas was the ‘Chapati’ season😂😂😂. I would get excited because we would eat alot of food. I particulaly remember when one of our family friends would gift us a goat for the season. We would feast. (Poor goat) Then came gifting and that was my second best memory.

I’d like to indulge you in what I think Christmas is. Luke 2 talks of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour. His birth had been prophesied from time immemorial that He would be the king who would come to save us. Isaiah 9:6 talks of His character and describes Him as a wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and a prince of peace. 

When I read this chapter of Isaiah, it gets me thinking every time of how great the love of God is.He sent His only begotten son and that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish. Wow! God’s love is beyond description and that’s what Christmas is all about. Its about love and not by words but my actions. Just as Jesus Christ loved us that He died on the cross to save us, so should we love one another. Just as God loved us to send His only son to us, so should we love each other.

1st Corinthians 13:3 says that if I give all I posses to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. 

Love, my friends, is what we need to posses not only this season but in all seasons of our lives. For the Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness.

Have you ever taken a step back and wondered what would have happened if God hadn’t loved you the He does. If God hadn’t taken you from the pit of sorrow that you were in and given you new life and new beginnings. I mean, I know that for me if it were not for God’s love, probably I’d have drowned in my sorrows and chaos.

Anyway dears, if God loved us,loves us and will always love us that much even we don’t deserve it, who are you to hate? 

I’d like you guys to reflect on Matthew 5:43-48. My favorite part is verse 45 where Jesus said He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends the rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

Happy Holidays loves. I love you all.❤❤

Seasons and Reasons.

We all have seasons in our lives. Our lives don’t just move perfectly without hills and valleys. Are seasons good? I would give that a big yes. Seasons bring change.Seasons give rise to unambiguity and we get a clearer path. Seasons teach as lessons that no man would have taught us.

I like to describe seasons in my life with the normal weather seasons. Basically they go from winter to spring to summer then fall (autumn).Winter season would of course be the coldest. Usually winter is a season where we just want to stay warm and cuddle. We escape from the rest of the world and want to be with the closest people in our lives. It is in this season that we face dark moments. We face trials. Its a season that brings a gloomy atmosphere and we long for this season to end for we cannot wait for the progress and movement. Whenever I go through the winter part in my life, I never see it ending. Sometimes I see it as amortifying phase of my life that I even drift from my loved ones.

Then comes the season of spring. Just thinking about spring brings a sense of rebirth. New air. New chapters. New beginnings. It is in this season just after winter that plants sprout out if the soil. The hibernating animals all come out. Flowers blossom and the beautiful radiance in the air is indescribable. I tend to think that nature is at its best in spring. It exploits itself fully. In our lives spring teaches us how to flow.It reminds us that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and that even if we went through a dark and cold winter, we have the chance of rebirth. We are rejuvinated in this season and we set new goals. We make better and wiser decisions. 

Then comes summer. Rays of sunshine and a mood of excitement in the air. People do travel a lot in this season even with the scorching sun. Our decisions in spring have fully come to place and we just wanna celebrate them. Our goals have been accomplished so why not have some fun. 

Lastly the season of fall. A season of family and thanksgiving. Nature is at its best too as there’s not too much sun and barely no rain at all. The atmosphere is welcoming and we are thankful.

All these seasons come and go. They all have shortcomings and yes they do bring blessings.  Our winter season may be the darkest but it should bring a sense of longing to move on. We mainly get stuck in the winter season because we feel no one understands and that God is silent. 

I remember one month ago going through that season and I kept questioning why God didn’t pay attention. I mean doesn’t He say in Jeremiah 33:3 that Call unto me and I will answer you and even show you greater things you have not seen. I remember asking God why the would He let me go through such a season. I felt alone. I felt neglected by God.I was actually mad at God.

 Little did I know that He was waiting for me to learn a lesson then move to the season of regrowth.

 He gave me time to rant then gently He came and gave me comfort. After throwing tantrums He came just like a father approaches a child and attended to me. I gathered lessons and moved on to renewal. 

Remember change is inevitable. We never summon change but it still comes our way. It brings color we must embrace it. 

Dear future daughter,

The thought of having you in such a pitiless world is the by far the most dreadful thought  I have ever had. The thoughts of how cruel the world will get even before you get here even worse. Everyday I wake up to more sorrow and grief around the world that I fear for your sake. I cannot lie. The world is not an easy place. It even gets worse when the world stigmatizes me for my identity in Christ.

Dear daughter, i pray for you even when i don’t know you. I pray for you even when i know you are like mirage and that you may never be real. I have hope that you will grow and not walk in the same paths that i have walked and if you do, you will learn from my mistakes. I have tried to be as brave as David so that i can slay all the lions and bears that come my way but my strength fails me each time. I have tried to be as assertive as Ruth but i fail each time the decision is too hefty. I have tried to be as smart as Albert Einstein but my oh my,  that has failed me too. I have tried to conform to the patterns of this world even though I am warned by  the word that is sharper than any double edged sword that it will fail me, still I didn’t listen.All these failures have taught me a lesson. All these failures have given me reason to look up to Christ for His grace is sufficient and His love is unending.The world around my girl has taught me to adjust everything to be perfect. Pop culture has taught me that no i cant be perfect the way i am, I have to fix something. Feminism has taught that humility for a woman is not an option for guess what, “Who runs the world” I have tried to fix what i can within my self but i still didn’t find my flaws.

Dear daughter, I  pray that when you get here you fight the good fight. I hope that you will try to not conform to the standards of this world but you will find your identity in Christ. I hope that you will stay the natural beauty that you are because guess what, he who created us did a perfect job. I hope that you will fall in love at the right time and if you fall in love and end up getting hurt, don’t let that reduce you. I write this with so much pain because i know the fragile heart that a lady has.

Dear future daughter, you may never control the events that will happen to your life but never let them reduce you. You may never foresee some failures in your life, but never let them dampen you. You may fall in love with the wrong person time and time again but never let that break you. The world may judge you but your identity is not in the world but in Christ. People may mock you and persecute you for your beliefs but fix your eyes on the greater price. For the race is not for the weak but the strong. The journey is not for those conceding to defeat but for those who rise up, dust themselves and on they go.

Dear future daughter fight the good  fight.